BF2 Multihack

Feature list.
1. Nametags
2. Distance Tags
3. Health/Ammo Bars
4. Show Enemy Mine Sprites
5. Show Enemy Minimap Icons

6. NoFog
7. Added ViewDistance
8. ShellShock Removal
9. NoFlash
10. NoSky
11. TV Static Removal

12. Force Commander
13. Unlimited Assets
14. Force Squadleader
15. SquadJacking
16. TeamSwitch

17. All Unlocks
18. Lock Crosshair
19. NoSpread (BUT. This is only a visual effect. It doesn't give you an advantage)
20. ZoomHack

Change your CD Key

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\Support - double click on Battlefield2_code


Go to , START, RUN, type REGEDIT go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ SOFTWARE/ Electronic Arts/ EA Games/ Battlefield 2/ ergc, Right Click and Change and type in the new CD KEY.

Battlefield Cheats & Hacks

For Battlefield 1942 1.61b

Undetected by PunkBuster:

EliteVision 5.0 and Non-Pure Servers Only

EliteVisionV4.5 DC FINAL and Non-Pure Servers Only

Elite-VisionV4 For DC 0.7 and Non-Pure Servers Only

Elite-VisionV2 For DC 0.7 and Non-Pure Servers Only

Warrior V1.0: Fog variation

Detected by PunkBuster:

Dazzler 1.0 - first public DMA hack For v1.61b

SpartHack 0.1 For v1.61b

SpartHack 0.1 For v1.61b with Zoom

SuperNova 3.0 - BF1942 1.61b

HufmEye, HufmEye 1.6

For Battlefield 1942 1.6

Detected by PunkBuster:

Mine Final PB-proof hack for BF1942 1.619

Legion v3.0

Steel Tiger 1.02.3

Multihack Vietnam 1.0.1

TeChHAck 2.22 and TeChHAcKLiTe 2.22

Battlefield 2 Monster Hack

Hack features:
no fog

Punkbuster undetected!

To use, unrar both files. Start exe, then game. Hotkeys are numpad 4 for no fog, numpad 5 for nametags (off by default). If it fails to inject, just try again.

Battlefield Aimbot

Check out the aimbot in action!

Cheat list for Battlefield

The following cheats will work in single player game only.
Press ~, then enter the cheat to activate it.

  • Invincibility: aiCheats.code Tobias.Karlsson
  • Kill enemy bots: aiCheats.code Jonathan.Gustavsson
  • Kill bots: aiCheats.code Thomas.Skoldenborg
  • Bots cheat: aiCheats.code BotsCanCheatToo
  • Toggle AI: statistics aiCheats.code TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgammer
  • New spawn location: aiCheats.code WalkingIsWayTooTiresome